How Long Should I Wait before I Travel after a C-Section?

Childbirth is a process that is life changing and one that will require a lot of efforts and time to recover. Those who have had no complications at childbirth and the ones that have given birth through a caesarian section must give their bodies time to recover before they travel.

Failure to allow the body to recover can result in complications such as bleeding, clotting of blood, pain, inflammation, and even infections on the wound. Majority of the doctors will ask a mother to rest for at least 4 weeks before she can travel.

Some mothers will take up to six weeks before they can recover from a c-section while others can recover faster. Before you travel, it is important to visit a doctor so that he can determine if it will be safe to travel or you need to give your body some additional time to recover.

Road Travel

Four weeks after a c-section, you can travel by road if you do not have any health complication and there is a sign that your body is healing. Ensure that you are comfortable by wearing loose clothes. You should also ensure that you have enough water and some snacks, and if you will not be driving get some sleep. Make a stop over after every hour so that you can stretch and make some movements.

Air Travel

Traveling by air can be uncomfortable for most people as a result of a jet lag, missing a connection, delays in flights, and other rules that will make you exhausted and emotionally upset.  Inform your doctor before any air travel so that he can determine if it will be safe for you to travel. If possible, you should wait for at least 4 weeks. On the day of travel, board the plane early so that you will be settled before takeoff. Ask the flight attendant to conveniently store your luggage in a place where you will not struggle to reach it and if possible, sit along the aisle where you will be able to rise and take a walk frequently.

You should keep track of what is happening to your body as you travel and if you notice anything that may be of concern such as swelling, severe pain, fever, pain when urinating, excessive bleeding, the formation of blood clots or even swelling or reddening of the breasts, the doctor should be notified immediately. He will be able to make the necessary arrangements so that you get to a good doctor immediately after getting off the plane. If possible, you should not travel alone so that in case anything goes wrong, you will have someone who can help you get medical help. If the doctor feels that you are not fit to travel, do not insist on doing so as it will lead to health complications some of which might be life-threatening. You need to be strong enough so that you can take care of your baby.